Reykjanesbær is part of the Reykjanes geopark and has been certified by Unesco, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The geological history of Reykjanes peninsula is considered important and there you can find much evidence of volcanic activity, such as the plate boundaries between Eurasia and North America. It is possible to walk over a bridge between these two continents.

Within the geopark there are many beautiful natural treasures and hiking trails which makes it easier to access these treasuress. On the website Visit Reykjanes, you will find information about the nature, the history of the region, its uniqueness, and events.

Within Reykjanesbær it is also possible to enjoy the beeauty of the area, e.g. by going along the shoreline, a track that leads from Gróf to Stapi and contains a variety of kowledge about the area.