Sports and recreation


Reykjanesbær has for a long time been a legendary sports-town and there a three sports clubs operating in the town, Íþróttabandalag Reykjanesbæjar (Sports clubs association),, Keflavík, íþrótta- og ungmennafélag (sports and youth club) , and Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur (youth association),

The sports clubs offer a wide variety of sports which the inhabitants can participate in. Such as football (soccer), basket ball, handball, swimming, judo, athletics, dancing, ballet, volleyball, taekwondo and jiu jitsu.

The website Sumar í Reykjanesbæ (Summer in Reykjanesbær) provides information regarding which recreational and sports activities are available for children during the summer months in Reykjanesbær. It changes to Vetur í Reykjanesbæ (Vinter in Reykjanesbær) in the wintertime. The urls, https://sumar.rnb is and are both working all year around. 

Reykjanesbær operates two public swimming centres Waterworld (Sundmiðstöðin/Vatnaveröld) is located on Sunnubraut. It has a 50 meters inndoor pool, a 25 meter outdoor pool, hot tubs and a sauna. There is a 12.5 meter indoor pool in Njarðvík, two hot tubs and a sauna. Children up to 10 years of age get free swimming accompanied by a parent, or a legal guardian. Information about opening hours and prices can be accessed on and

There is a number of gym clubs and fitness centres operated in Reykjanesbær. Here are some of them: Sporthúsið,, Lífsstíll,, Sport 4 You, and Óm setrið,

There are two golf clubs operated in the vicinity of Reykjanesbær, Golfklúbbur Suðurnesja at Hólmsvöllur golf course, see and Golfklúbbur Sandgerðis at Kirkjubólsvöllur golf course, see

Reykjanesbæ has a great variety of recreational activities for children and youth of all ages, such as KFUM (YMCA) and KFUK (YWCA),, scouts,, young peoples division Klettur at the Björgunarsveitinni Suðurnes Rescue Team, , Brynballett , and Danskompaní (dancing company),

Reykjanesbær has the community centre Fjörheimar operated for young people in classes 8 - 10 located at Hafnargata 88. The emphasis is placed on promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle of young people by offering a substance free and safe environment. The web of Fjörheimar is at
The same building has the 88 House, which is a young people‘s house, for those aged 16-25 years of age. There is a participation with other young peoples houses, and cooperation with the Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurnesja student association. The website of 88 House is at