The staff at the Reykjanesbær welfare department works for the best interests of the inhabitants. The goal of the Reykjanesbær welfare department is to support  people to self-help and in this manner to improve the living standard of those who are less fortunate. The emphasis is put on child-friendly social services and preventative action in order to prevent social problems. Appointments can be made with advisors in phone number 421-6700. Further information on the social services in local communities can be found in the Act on social services in local communities, see http://www.althingi.is/lagas/nuna/1991040.html.

There is an emphasis on making sure that children have an acceptable environment to grow up in by supporting families and applying measures to protect individual children when this is called for. Children in this context means young people below the age of 18. If there is suspicion that a child lives under unacceptable pedagogical conditions the people is encouraged to communicate a message through the emergency phone line 112. The emergency phone line 112 is also used for notification because of domestic violence.

The disbursement office for housing benefits, https://husbot.is/ will pay regular housing benefits to the public but the local communities provide special housing benefits. These benefits are intended for individuals and families who have difficulties in obtaining housing. It is necessary to fulfill certain conditions in order to have the right to get housing benefits and special housing benefits.