From the Með blik í auga concert last year. Photo Víkurfréttir
From the Með blik í auga concert last year. Photo Víkurfréttir

Do you want to participate in our cultural festival Ljósanótt (Night of lights) by holding an event? Reykjanesbær offer grants to people who would like to invite citizens and guests to an open event. This announcement is in Polish below.

The purpose of the grants are to encourage the local people of Reykjanesbær to arrange some amusement on Ljósanótt. It can be a concert, course, workshop or some other event/project worth granting. A sample of what has been done well by our locals on Ljósanótt are the Home Concerts and the concerts Með blik í auga.

Applications should be sent to the e-mail address before 12 August. A brief description needs to be given, arrangements, i.e. where, when and for whom the event/project is thought, how much it will cost and what amount is applied for. The grants are of total amount 500.000 ISK and will be divided in five 100.000 ISK grants. Applications can be written in Icelandic or English.

It will be clear on the 19 August which events will be granted and announcements sent to all applicants.

By clicking on this link you can read the original announcement in Icelandic

Dotacje dla mieszkańców w związku z uroczystościami w Ljósanótt

Podania należy przesyłać na do 12 sierpnia 2019.

W podaniu powinno się znajdować:

  • Opis proponowanego projektu
  • W sprawie realizacji (gdzie, kiedy i dla kogo projekt jest przeznaczony)
  • Przypuszczalne koszta
  • Kwota dotacji

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń upływa 12 sierpnia, przydział dotacji do 19 sierpnia.

Podania należy składać w języku islandzkim bądź angielskim.